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After School Art Club

Nurturing Creative Minds Through Art Class

Unleash Your Inner Artist: Join WE ART's After School Art Club!

Brush away boring afternoons and ignite kids' creativity with WE ART's After School Art Club! our engaging program offers a fun and inspiring space to explore your child's artistic talents.


Session Time:2pm-5pm

*limited slots

After School Activities!

We Art CLUB Details

Embark on a Creative Journey with WE ART's after achool art class

Our Art club Activities offer a vibrant blend of artistic experiences for different age groups. Each 3-hour session is packed with creativity and fun, giving young artists the chance to explore and develop their artistic talents.

More than just art classes, WE ART provides a unique and stimulating environment for young minds to explore their talents, build confidence, and nurture a lifelong love for creativity.

Here's what makes WE ART's art club program stand out

Diverse Artistic Adventures:

  • Explore a variety of mediums and techniques, from traditional painting and drawing to modern crafting and digital art.

  • Dive into monthly themes that guide activities and projects, allowing for focused exploration and deeper understanding.

  • Discover new skills and unleash your unique artistic voice with expert guidance and encouragement.

Engaging and Fun Sessions:

  • Our 3-hour sessions are packed with interactive activities, exciting challenges, and collaborative projects.

  • Participate in monthly project showcase events where you can present your work and receive feedback.

  • Playful activities and gamification elements like points, badges, and leaderboards motivate participation.

  • Design and exchange artist trading cards featuring your artwork, promoting collaboration and self-expression.

Expert Instruction and Support:

  • Receive personalized feedback, guidance, and support from our passionate and experienced instructors.

  • Participate in regular critiques and group discussions to learn from others and deepen your understanding of art.

Ignite Your Creativity:

  • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills through creative exploration and artistic challenges.

  • Enhance your communication and collaboration skills through teamwork and group projects.

  • Boost your self-esteem and confidence as you express yourself freely and discover your creative potential.

Choose Your Adventure

** Young Artists (Ages 5-9):**

  • Explore foundational art techniques, ignite your imagination, and discover the joy of creating.

  • Playful activities and engaging projects spark curiosity and build essential artistic skills.

  • Develop color theory, composition, and basic drawing and painting techniques in a fun and supportive environment.

** Rising Artists (Ages 10-14):**

  • Deepen your artistic knowledge, refine your skills, and push your creative boundaries.

  • Experiment with diverse mediums, delve into advanced techniques, and develop your signature artistic style.

  • Explore art history, different art movements, and famous artists to broaden your artistic perspective.

Limited Spots Available!

Don't miss this opportunity to unlock your inner artist and embark on an enriching creative journey with WE ART's CCA program!

Enroll Now!

Dive into the world of creativity and artistic expression with WE ART. 

Session Details
  • Duration: Each session is 3 hours long (2pm-5pm).

  • Pricing:

    • 1 session: $70

    • 2 or more sessions: $60 each

For Ages 5-9:

  • Jan 10: Calendar Making, New Year Paper Craft (Paper cutting)

  • Jan 11: Water-color Painting, Slime Workshop

  • Jan 12: Dragon Collage, Tote-bag Painting

  • Jan 17: Acrylic Painting (Red and Gold), Styrofoam Printing

  • Jan 18: Coaster Making, Acrylic Painting (Zodiac signs)

  • Jan 19: Calendar Making, Clay Making

  • Jan 24: Hand Painting, Animation Painting

  • Jan 25: New Year Paper Decoration, Oil Pastel Drawing (Horoscope)

  • Jan 26: T-shirt Painting, Acrylic Painting (Orange tree)

  • Jan 31: Acrylic Painting (Fish painting), Clay Making

  • Feb 1: Lantern Painting, Slime Workshop

For Ages 10-15:

  • Jan 10: Calendar Making, New Year Painting

  • Jan 11: Water-color Painting, Slime Workshop

  • Jan 12: Still-life Collage, Tote-bag Painting

  • Jan 17: Acrylic Painting (Red and Gold), Lino cut Printing

  • Jan 18: Coaster Making, Acrylic Painting (Zodiac signs)

  • Jan 19: Calendar Making, Clay Making

  • Jan 24: Watercolor Painting, Animation Painting

  • Jan 25: New Year Paper Decoration, Oil Pastel Drawing (Horoscope)

  • Jan 26: T-shirt Painting, Acrylic Painting (Orange tree)

  • Jan 31: Acrylic Painting (Fish painting), Clay Making

  • Feb 1: Lantern Painting, Slime Workshop

Join Us at We Art

Enroll your child in a holiday journey of artistic discovery.


Visit our booking page for detailed information about our sessions, booking procedures, and to learn about our special discounts. Secure a spot in our Holiday Art Camp and give your child the gift of creative expression.

At We Art, we're not just teaching art; we're cultivating future creators and thinkers.


how to book and choose dates for the Art Club

  1. Click 'Book Now': Start by clicking the 'Book Now' button below.

  2. View Schedule: Find the complete schedule with activities for each age group.

  3. Choose Date and Time: Select a date and time from our calendar that works best for you.

  4. Confirm Booking: Confirm your booking details.

  5. Select Payment Method: Choose your preferred method of payment.

  6. Complete Booking: Finalize your booking, and you're all set!

**Please note that while it's not possible to book two sessions on the same day due to identical art activities, if you're planning to book more than two sessions, kindly contact us via WhatsApp. Otherwise, you can go ahead and proceed with your booking.

When Booking via WhatsApp, 

Please provide 


  • Your Full Name.

  • Your Preferred workshop date and time.

  • The number of people and their full names if booking for a group.

  • Our friendly staff will welcome you and assist with any inquiries.

  • We'll verify the availability of your chosen slot.

  • You'll receive payment information to secure your enrollment.

  • A booking confirmation will be sent following your payment.


And there you have it! You're all set to embark on your creative journey with us.

  • Class or Workshop? which one should I choose?
    Classes are for more than 4 sessions. Our expert instructors will teach you about the technics and guide for your artistic journey. Workshops are for one-time experience on certain types such as art jamming, print making, Portrait drawing and more! It is soft guided class where you can finish an artwork on a single session.
  • I am not sure if the class is right for me
    For every class, It is grouped by ages or types. so you can choose any of the classes for you age and types. there is no limit for your levels to join as we provide customized lesson for all levels. just enjoy the art class
  • What types of art classes do you offer at We Art Studio?
    We offer a diverse range of art classes including drawing, painting, sculpture, and digital art classes for both beginners and advanced learners of all ages.
  • How does trial class work?
    Trial Classes are available for regular classes. so before you make decision to sign up for sessions, (regular classes starts from 4 sessions) you can book trial class and see if its the right class you are looking for. Please do note that this is not a workshop. so if you want to do one time session to make a artwork, please book workshop.
  • How do I book for classes?
    Booking for class is really simple. Click on Book now button and check for availability that suits your date and time, then continue with your information for booking. then its confirmed! for payments for Trial classes or Session packages, it can be paid on site or online. If you are booking for session packages, you can choose your first class date, and later session bookings will be discussed with us. Still not sure about booking? thats ok, you can reserve your slot by simply message us by whatsapp :)
  • how to book for trial class
    if you click book now button you will be able to select trial option.
  • How do I make payments?
    you can either pay in person or make online payment. for scheduling more than 1 session or trial, you can book for your 1st session and rest we can arrange on site.
  • I have some questions before booking
    Please Whatsapp us at 91289947 we will respond within 1 hour within our operation hours.
  • Is my order confirmed immediately?
    Yes, It is confirmed. whether it's paid online or in person. you can always change the schedule or cancel. if your are not sure, choose pay in person(pay later).
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