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birthday part venue singapore


Birthday Party venue

Artistic Birthday Party venue Singapore

@ We ART Orchard:Celebrate Creatively

Artful Birthday Party Experiences

Are you on the hunt for a unique birthday party venue in Singapore for your child’s special day?

Discover WE ART Studio, a haven for young artists and an ideal spot for hosting creative birthday parties in Singapore. At We ART, we champion the spirit of artistry in kids through empowering self-expression and a variety of artistic techniques​​.

If you are Looking for the perfect birthday party venue in Singapore for your child, We Art Orchard offers a unique and unforgettable experience compared to other kids birthday party venues.

Why Choose WeArt for Your Kid's Birthday Party?

We're not just your average birthday party place. We provide a vibrant space dedicated to nurturing young imaginations. Our exciting art party themes, like Pokemon painting, bear brick painting, canvas painting and slime workshops, will transform a simple celebration into a masterpiece!

Affordable birthday party venue rental doesn't have to mean sacrificing quality. We Art Orchard's birthday party packages are designed to take the stress out of planning. Our all-inclusive options provide expert art instructors for your chosen theme, top-notch materials, and goody bags to keep the fun going even after the party.

Give your child the best birthday party they'll ever have! Book your kids art party at We Art Orchard today and create lasting memories through creativity and fun!

Diverse and Fun Birthday Party Options

​Art Activities and Packages

We ART Studio stands out as one of the most interactive birthday celebration venues in Singapore, offering a range of art session options that cater to different interests:

  • Acrylic Painting on Canvas ($60/pax): A popular choice for kids birthday parties in Singapore, this activity lets children unleash their imagination on a 12x16in canvas with colorful acrylic paints​​.

  • Pokemon-Themed Wooden Board Painting ($60/pax): Ideal for Pokemon fans, this session allows kids to paint their favorite character on a wooden board, adding a personalized touch to the party​​.

  • Bear Brick Painting ($60/pax): Add a splash of color to a bear brick, fostering both creativity and fun, a great addition to any birthday party in Singapore​​.

  • Totebag/T-Shirts Painting ($60/pax): Encourage your child to design their own tote bag or T-shirt, making for a memorable and unique birthday party experience in Singapore​​.

  • Slime Workshop ($40/pax): Engage in a slimy, hands-on activity that's both fun and exciting, perfect for an interactive birthday party in Singapore​​.

  • **Minimum 5Pax 

All-Inclusive and Affordable Packages

  1. Recognized as an Best & affordable birthday party space in Singapore, We ART Studio offers comprehensive packages. These include expert guidance, premium art materials, and delightful goody bags, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable party experience for everyone​​.

  2. Customizable Celebrations

  3. Understanding that each child's birthday is unique, we offer flexibility in our party packages. This means you can tailor the experience to your specific needs, making WE ART Studio a top choice for customizable birthday parties in Singapore​​.

Best Birthday Party Venue in Singapore

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Don't wait to plan the perfect creative celebration!

Reach out to us at WE ART Studio and let's start planning an unforgettable birthday bash filled with color, creativity, and fun.

Let’s turn your child's birthday into a work of art that will be remembered for years to come!


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