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we support aspiring artists in pursuing their dreams as they explore various artistic styles. Our teaching method fosters individual artistic expression using techniques such as silkscreen, woodcut, linocut, monotype, drawing, and painting.

how we do it

We believe in understanding and analyzing each student to provide the best learning art experience. Once your consultation appointment is confirmed, we will guide you through the process step by step. The consultation duration can be flexible, typically lasting around 15 minutes.


private consultation

In a tailored consultation, we assess experiences, interests, skills, talents, strengths, and growth areas to customize our approach for you.


Skill Analysis

We conduct a skills assessment to offer suitable guidance aligned with individual abilities and preferred level of challenge.


Targeted Development

We provide instructions that target your child's unique talents and developmental needs, allowing them to express themselves fully.


Progress Evaluation

We consistently monitor progress, offer ongoing feedback for creative growth, and allocate time for your artistic exploration.

limitless journey

Our classes in mixed media and printmaking cater to all ages, igniting creativity and self-expression in artists of every stage. The studio equips individuals with the tools to pursue their artistic aspirations, fostering fresh avenues of creativity and acting as a springboard for boundless artistic journeys.

Unleash the superpower of creativity with our art classes suitable for all ages. Participants have the freedom to select materials, articulate their concepts, and enhance their problem-solving abilities. Beyond artistry, these classes cultivate essential life skills. Join us to unlock creativity, shine, and embark on this enriching journey.

Beyond Creativity

Power of Enjoyment

As Matisse said, "Creativity takes courage". Our classes prioritize the joy of artistic expression. Individuals can fearlessly showcase their creativity and savour the process of creating art. Beyond art itself, they cultivate confidence and learn valuable life lessons. Join us to discover the pure delight of creativity firsthand!

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