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art classes for teens


Art Class For Teen

Teen Art Classes in Singapore | WeArt Studio

Art Classes for Teens Aged 10-18 Years Old

Looking for a fun and inspiring way to explore your artistic side? Look no further than We Art's Teen Art Studio in Singapore! We offer creative art classes designed specifically for teens aged 10-18.

At WeArt Studio in Singapore, our teen art classes inspire creativity and develop technical skills in teenagers. Our programs cater to all skill levels, providing a fun and educational environment for young artists

What you'll experience:

  • Explore a variety of media: Drawing, painting, printing, crafting, and more!

  • Develop your skills: Learn new techniques and refine your existing ones in a supportive environment.

  • Express yourself: Find your unique artistic voice and create artwork you'll be proud of.

  • Make new friends: Connect with other creative teens and have a blast learning together.

Our approach:

  • Tailored learning: We believe in fostering individual creativity, so our classes cater to different skill levels and interests.

  • Experienced instructors: Our passionate instructors are dedicated to helping teens discover and develop their artistic talents.

  • Fun and engaging atmosphere: We make learning art enjoyable and inspiring!

Ready to unleash your inner artist?

Contact We Art today to learn more about our Teen Art Studio classes and spark your creative journey!

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Special Pricing until July 31st

Our structured art programs

When you sign up for classes, we'll tailor our recommendations to align with our monthly art curriculum. But feel free to let us know your preferred art medium; we're happy to accommodate your interests with our structured programs.


Refine your mastery in the most vital of all art forms by enhancing your observation skills and techniques through this immersive and enriching course.

watercolor painting

watercolor painting

Dive into the stunning world of watercolor painting, where you'll discover various techniques for both realistic and free-flowing, loose artistic expressions.

acrylic painting

acrylic painting

Discover how to skillfully manipulate color, textures, and methods in this lively and striking medium, guiding you to craft artworks that span a range of styles.

oil painting

oil painting

Delve into the magic of traditional painting, where you'll enjoy the precise control it offers and discover its wide range of creative possibilities.


Plunge into the enchanting world of pastel art and relish the distinctive control it provides, as you navigate through its myriad of vibrant and intriguing possibilities.


charcoal painting

Step into the captivating realm of charcoal art, where you can embrace the unique versatility it brings, exploring a spectrum of dramatic and engaging artistic possibilities.

pen illustration

Venture into the dynamic world of pen illustration, where the precision and flair of the pen unlock a universe of intricate and striking artistic expressions.



Embark on a journey through the vivid and expressive world of gouache painting, where its rich opacity and versatility open doors to bold and imaginative artistic creations.

Discover Your Artistic Side!

Welcome to our Teen Art Classes – a place where young artists between 10-18 years old can flourish! Whether you're just starting or have been creating art for years, our classes are tailored to ignite your creativity and develop your skills.

Build Your Art Skills

Get ready to dive into everything from basic drawing to vibrant acrylic painting. Our courses cover it all – mixed media, collage, and even cool printmaking techniques. It's a whole spectrum of art waiting for you!

Tailored Just for You

We know every artist is different. That's why our classes are customized to suit your style and level. Here, you'll learn at your own pace and in your own way, making each art class a unique experience.

Grow with Every Stroke

As your skills sharpen, our classes evolve. You'll take on more challenging projects, pushing your creativity and skills to new heights.

Learn from Creative Pros

Our instructors? They're more than teachers – they're artists who love to inspire and guide young talent. They're here to help you find your artistic voice and grow in confidence.

A Studio That Sparks Creativity

Our studio is not just a classroom; it's a creative hub. It's a place to collaborate, share ideas, and be part of a vibrant community of fellow artists.

Feedback That Empowers

Expect constructive feedback that's all about helping you grow. Our instructors focus on your strengths and guide you in areas you can improve.

Your Art, Your Stage

We celebrate your art! With regular showcases and exhibitions, both in-studio and online, you get to share your masterpieces with the world.

Easy to Join

Joining is a breeze. Check our class schedules, pick what fits, and get ready to explore the world of art. And yes, there are special deals for new artists like you!

Where Artistic Dreams Come Alive

Whether you're a budding artist or an aspiring pro, our Teen Art Classes are the perfect place to let your creativity soar. Ready to make some art? We can't wait to see what you create!

How to book your trial lesson

Curious About Trying a Trial Class?

Our trial classes provide a 1.5 hour introduction to the creative journey, running alongside our regular sessions. It's a great chance to uncover your artistic potential and get a feel for the exciting adventures in art that await!


Easy Steps to Book Your Trial Class:

  1. Click book now button and choose a date and time from our calendar that works for you

  2. On the right side you can see option box - pick the trial class.

  3. Fill out your contact information.

  4. Choose payment type -in Person or Online - and your booking is confirmed!  

  5. Or simply whatsapp us and book your trial class!

  6. * if you are booking multiple Sessions, choose starting date for the calendar, and We will discuss the scheduling for the remaining sessions with you. 


Experience the essence of our art classes in a brief, engaging trial, and begin your journey into the world of creativity! 

Tailored Art Classes

From Beginner to Advanced

Creativity and Skill Balanced

Artistic Environment

for any inquiries,click below icon to whatsapp us!  


Booking Your Class Made Easy

  1. Dive into our class options menu and select either a Session or a Trial.

  2. Choose a date and time that fits your schedule from our calendar and confirm your booking.

  3. Our team will be in touch to finalize the exact time slot for your class.

  4. Review the invoice we issue and proceed with payment, which can be done online or in person.

When Booking via WhatsApp, 

Please provide us

  • Your Full Name.

  • Your Preferred class date and time.

  • The number of people and their full names if booking for a group.

  • The course you're interested in.

  • Your learning goal, whether it's a new hobby, building a portfolio, or just trying something fun.

  • The Enrollment Process:

  • Our friendly staff will welcome you and assist with any inquiries.

  • We'll verify the availability of your chosen slot.

  • You'll receive payment information to secure your enrollment.

  • A booking confirmation will be sent following your payment.

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