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School Holiday Art Camp

An enjoyable and imaginative holiday activity for children!

Service Description

Looking for a fun and creative activity for your kids during the holidays? Look no further! Our Holiday Art Camp is the perfect solution. We provide a safe and inclusive environment for kids to explore their creativity and express themselves through art. Whether your child is a seasoned artist or just starting out, our art camp is suitable for all levels. Our team of instructors are experienced and enthusiastic, and are committed to making sure your child has a great time while learning new skills. This Art camp is 3hours / Session. you can join as many session as you want! Each Date will cover different art experiences. Session Time: Morning : 10am-1pm Afternoon: 2pm-5pm Please note that the activities for the 1st and 2nd sessions are the same on any given day. If you Booking more than two sessions, we will contact you via WhatsApp, and we will assist you in arranging the schedule. Dates & Ages:
Join us from May 29th to June 28th for a memorable adventure into the arts, designed for children and teens aged 5-15 years. Flexible Time Slots for Busy Schedules:
We understand families have different schedules, so we're offering flexible time slots to fit your needs. Choose between our morning sessions from 10 AM to 1 PM or afternoon sessions from 2 PM to 5 PM. Each session lasts 3 hours, packed with engaging art activities. 🌟 Dive into Creativity - Join Our Summer Art Camp! Unleash Your Inner Artist: 📆 Date: May 29 - June 28 🌞 Morning Burst of Art: 10 AM - 1 PM 🌅 Sunset Creations: 2 PM - 5 PM Spectacular Art Adventures Await: End of May - A Splash of Color & Technique: 🌺 May 29: Embrace the Aloha spirit with Hawaiian Tie Dye & Van Gogh’s Bold Strokes 🐾 May 30: Craft Your Pokémon Companion in Wood & Mold Tiny Clay Marvels 🎨 May 31: Rebel Art with Banksy’s Stencils & Sculpt Words in Stylish Typography June - Journey Through Art History: 🖼 June 5: Picasso’s Cubist Wonders & Sculptural Clay Portraits 💥 June 6: Lichtenstein’s Pop Art Comics & Hand-Painted Coasters 🎨 June 7: Monet’s Dreamy Animals & Build a Wildlife Habitat 🌄 June 12: Nature’s Impressions & Scenic Collages Mid-June - From Fantasy to Iconic Masterpieces: ✨ June 13: Charcoal Fantasies & Scenic Collage Masterworks 🍇 June 14: Sculpt Fruitful Delights & Shape 3D Clay Wonders Creative Countdown to Summer's End: 📚 June 19: Bookmark Your Story & Craft Pop-Up Surprises 🌳 June 20: Klimt’s Gilded Visions & Creative String Art 🎨 June 21: Kandinsky’s Geometric Jazz & Elegant

  • 3 hr
  • From 70 Singapore dollars
  • Orchard Road

How to book your trial lesson

Curious About Trying a Trial Class?

Our trial classes provide a 1.5 hour introduction to the creative journey, running alongside our regular sessions. It's a great chance to uncover your artistic potential and get a feel for the exciting adventures in art that await!


Easy Steps to Book Your Trial Class:

  1. Click book now button and choose a date and time from our calendar that works for you

  2. On the right side you can see option box - pick the trial class.

  3. Fill out your contact information.

  4. Choose payment type -in Person or Online - and your booking is confirmed!  

  5. Or simply whatsapp us and book your trial class!

  6. * if you are booking multiple Sessions, choose starting date for the calendar, and We will discuss the scheduling for the remaining sessions with you. 


Experience the essence of our art classes in a brief, engaging trial, and begin your journey into the world of creativity! 

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  • Class or Workshop? which one should I choose?
    Classes are for more than 4 sessions. Our expert instructors will teach you about the technics and guide for your artistic journey. Workshops are for one-time experience on certain types such as art jamming, print making, Portrait drawing and more! It is soft guided class where you can finish an artwork on a single session.
  • I am not sure if the class is right for me
    For every class, It is grouped by ages or types. so you can choose any of the classes for you age and types. there is no limit for your levels to join as we provide customized lesson for all levels. just enjoy the art class
  • What types of art classes do you offer at We Art Studio?
    We offer a diverse range of art classes including drawing, painting, sculpture, and digital art classes for both beginners and advanced learners of all ages.
  • How does trial class work?
    Trial Classes are available for regular classes. so before you make decision to sign up for sessions, (regular classes starts from 4 sessions) you can book trial class and see if its the right class you are looking for. Please do note that this is not a workshop. so if you want to do one time session to make a artwork, please book workshop.
  • How do I book for classes?
    Booking for class is really simple. Click on Book now button and check for availability that suits your date and time, then continue with your information for booking. then its confirmed! for payments for Trial classes or Session packages, it can be paid on site or online. If you are booking for session packages, you can choose your first class date, and later session bookings will be discussed with us. Still not sure about booking? thats ok, you can reserve your slot by simply message us by whatsapp :)
  • how to book for trial class
    if you click book now button you will be able to select trial option.
  • How do I make payments?
    you can either pay in person or make online payment. for scheduling more than 1 session or trial, you can book for your 1st session and rest we can arrange on site.
  • I have some questions before booking
    Please Whatsapp us at 91289947 we will respond within 1 hour within our operation hours.
  • Is my order confirmed immediately?
    Yes, It is confirmed. whether it's paid online or in person. you can always change the schedule or cancel. if your are not sure, choose pay in person(pay later).

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